Website Development

Creative Solutions with DotNetNuke, OpenWeb Studio, Javascript, and jQuery

Why Tim?

Tim has been employed with VSI since the late 1990's and has been developing and supporting software since the early 90's. He understands many different computer languages and syntax, which gives him a unique advantage to develop end-to-end legacy solutions. Tim developes with C#, OpenWeb Studio, jQuery and JavaScript to deliver interactive web site applications that integrate with Unix, Open Systems, and other data systems.

Because Tim can do stuff like this...

Enter a valid social security number and email address then press "Submit" to perform a real-time lookup of account information directly from our CHECKPRO demo database. (In order to enhance security, social security number and email address entered must match those on file in CHECKPRO). Note that we DO NOT store social security numbers online and require it only for accessing CHECKPRO account data from the Internet.

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For this demo, you can use the social security number:
999-92-4895 and the email address:

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...and this!